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Gazelle NEXT

Carrying capacity to 2.5 t.
Length 4.20 m.
Width 1.90 m.
Height 2 m.

Cargo transportation "Gazelle" Next, an excellent opportunity to deliver your cargo, the total weight of which does not exceed 2 tons, with minimal costs. Stylish in appearance with a variety of body superstructures, Next has become a trendsetter in the segment of low-tonnage transport.

The demand for "Gazelle" Next in the urban environment and in intercity transportation is easy to explain. Inexpensive rental price and high speed of cargo movement, these are the fundamental factors that guide many customers when ordering "Gazelle" Next.

The Intermodal Transport Logistics Company has a modern Gazelle fleet Next. Anyone can rent "Gazelle" Next in our transport company, we cooperate with all groups of clients, accepting any form of payment.