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DAF station wagon

Length 13.60 m.
Width 2.45 m.

One of the most common modifications of medium and heavy trucks. It is usually created on the basis of already existing conventional trucks by means of partial changes, or rather simplification of the project. The frame is significantly shorter compared to a conventional truck and the bodywork is replaced with a fifth wheel coupling.

  • High capacity (compared to conventional trucks); the truck tractor can carry long loads.
  • High load-to-dead-weight ratio. Accordingly - high efficiency and low cost of large transportation.
  • Good maneuverability (compared to a truck of the same length). Maneuvering when reversing is easier (as opposed to a truck with a trailer).
  • Trailers and tractors are easy to replace.
  • A semitrailer can move on a storage area or on a ferry deck with a more maneuverable tug, rather than a tractor.
  • The semi-trailer can be converted into a trailer by placing it on a trolley.